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01. my backwards walk - frightened rabbit

I'm working on my backwards walk
and the time rewinds to the end of May
I wish we'd never met / then met today

I'm working on drawing a straight line
and I'll draw until I get one right
it's bold and dark girl can't you see
I done drawn a line between you and me

there's nowhere else for me to go / except back to you just one last time

you're the shit and I'm knee deep in it
02. if I had a gun... - noel gallagher

if I had a gun / I'd shoot a hole into the sun
and love would burn this city down for you

If I had the time / I'd stop the world and make you mine
and every day would stay the same with you

give you back the dream / show you now what might have been
if all the tears you cry would fade away

I'll be by your side / when they come to say goodbye
we will live to fight another day

cause you're the only god that I'll ever need

03. safe and sound - electric president

you're turning reckless now
I hear you saying through your teeth / that you'll take them down first

when there's no way out
I'll let you build your home with me til the clocks run down
04. the stars just blink for us - say hi

my girl oh well she drives me where I need to go
she needs some and she's got a gun

she talks a lot and I doze out, it works out pretty fine
she's got the looks and I've got the time

05. daughters of the soho riots - the national

I have your dreams and your teethmarks

you were right about the end / it didn't make a difference
everything I can remember / I remember wrong

you must have known
I'd do this someday

break my arms around the one I love
06. stop the world I wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys

there's all sorts of shapes / that I bet you can make
when you have to escape / say the word

with the exception of you I dislike everyone the room

stop the world cause I wanna get off with you

07. bottled affection - cold war kids

your flashback is airtight
like an elephant / never hurt a fly
mother instinct / never gonna die

alright, stay, you've got my attention
all my pain is bottled affection

I'm not the same kid / I grew up
didn't I? or did I get stuck

you get older / it gets worse
you be the good one who gives it up first
or the bad one who never gets hurt
08. a world alone - lorde

I feel grown up with you in your car

raise a glass cause I'm not done saying it
they all wanna get rough get away with it

all the double edged people with schemes
they make a mess / then go come and get clean
you're my best friend / and we're dancing in a world alone

I know we're not everlasting
we're a trainwreck waiting to happen

09. real talk - bloc party

can we get real for a moment?
you're my one and only friend

watch the sunset from your sedan
let your hand rest on mine

I was so sure I was faulty / and not able to love
but then you crept up on me
whispered love into my ear

here is where I find home
10. what if - bombay bicyle club

I could go and ask her first
if only one of us had the guts tonight

11. special needs - placebo

remember me when you're the one who's silver screened
remember me when you're the one you've alwas dreamed
remember me whenever noses start to bleed

just 19 a dream obscene, six months off for bad behaviour

think of me stuck in my chair that has four wheels
remember me through flash photography and screams
remember me, special dreams
12. hunger of the pine - alt-J

sleeplessly embracing
butterflies and needles line my seamed up joints

in my stomach, for my heart chain mail

bedding with me you see
at night your heart wear's knight's armour

hunger of the pine

I'm a female rebel

realisation grew on me as quickly as it takes
your hand to warm the cold side of the pillow

I'm there for you be there for me
Tags: fanmix, game: life is strange, ship: chloe/max
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