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I TOLD YOU I WOULD STAY, a jim/bones fanmix by alice_1005 and earwen_neruda

01. little faith - the national

little faith, follow me
I set a fire in a blackberry field
make us laugh, or nothing will
I set a fire just to see what it kills

leave our red Southern souls / head for the coast
all our lonely kicks are getting harder to find

awesome prince, get your sleep / lose your hard history
you'll find commiseration in everyone's eyes
the storm will suck the pretty girls into the sky

02. let me go - HAIM

I gave you everything I could give
you try to take / and you try to make it
but take all, everything you can't break

together now, forever then
go ahead, don't you let me in
but I will wait / and I will want
wait 'til the day you're back again

let me go
you know I'm not one for leaving
I know I'm nothing without your love

03. december's traditions - frightened rabbit

the boy needs sunlight, and the shock of modesty
he needs to get some sleep

after months of grieving, fuck the grief I'm leaving / will you leave with me?
the blood loss, the towering cost / mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue
the lick brings warm metallic taste
I can't correct myself, convince you / if you want a safe, you don't want me

it's not the answer, sticking plaster on a shattered bone
what do you need / what do you need from me?

04. what you want - bombay bicycle club

if I gotta ride like you want / eat it up, whatever you got
keeping my lies up, you know / oh you force it all, oh you need it all

you start it right / you tread so light
you tease this love / you care enough

you can rearrange me now / if we wait we can make it somehow
well what you want, what you want
anything you want...

05. two weeks- grizzly bear

a routine malaise
just like yesterday, I told you I would stay

would you always?
maybe sometimes?
make it easy

06. the pugilist - keaton henson

oh I'm sorry I broke it / never forgive me
your love is the hopeless light that I need
to remind me I'm living, and that I still need it
you pulled me together with blood and soft stitches

you're proof that i'm breathing / and that I still need
to be loved and to hear you whisper to me
"you're enough"

but the truth is I need you / to tell me I'm worthy
of all this great living that I've been doing

07. to belong - daughter

don't you think you'll be better off
without me tied around your neck / it's like the way your
body pulls me underneath where I can't breathe
I'm tired of talking; I've been screaming all day

don't you think we'll be better off
without the pressure to address / a room of faces
waiting to hear some strange woman speak in tongues
on lonely Fridays / oh my loveless drunk, baby
loveless drunk, baby

I don't want to belong, to you, to anyone

08. milk & black spiders - foals

oh I know you're still with me
you my compass and my sea

oh I hope you can hear me
follows billion miles away / you'd stay

cause I've been around two times and found that you're the only thing I need

09. faraway lightning - moonface

you were the crashing of the satellite
onto my black-earth heart
to brighten up the night

you were the rain that came like rain / when the hurricane broke free
I search the sky at night for a sign of your violence

you keep on falling down
I will be standing with the others when you hit the ground

you told me I was not the only one
but you should trust me love
I am the only one

10. love dog - tv on the radio

nameless you above me, come / lay me low and love me
this, lonely little love dog / that no one knows the name of

curse me out in free verse, and / wrap me up and reverse, this
patience is a virtue / until its silence burns you

something slow has started in me
as shameless as an ocean, and / mirrored in devotion

11. putting the dog to sleep - the antlers

prove to me I'm not gonna die alone
put your arm round my collarbone / and open the door

prove to me I'm not gonna die alone
unstitch that shit I've sewn / to close up the hole that tore through my skin

you said "I can't prove to you you're not gonna die alone
"but trust me to take you home / to clean up that blood all over your paws
"you can't keep running out / kicking yourself off the bed
"kicking yourself in the head / because you're kicking me too"

put your trust in me / I'm not gonna die alone
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