Alice (alice_1005) wrote,

ICONS: mass effect, dragon age, life is strange, star trek, queer as folk, castle, breaking bad...

shepliara icon babbbeeess 4 jess
icon maybe 3x0something4

game: mass effect
shep icon lj icon version shepliara icon
shep icon finish

game: dragon age
hawke lg morrigan lj

game: life is strange

movie: star trek

tv show: queer as folk
babbbeeess 4 maybe jess
14194721 14194721 (2) qaf510_01
qaf308_02 (1) qaf311_01 qaf219_01

tv show: castle

tv show: breaking bad
icon me gus
gus 2

other: marvel, hannibal, hawkeye comics, house m.d., transistor, uncharted, the last of us, the martian, lost, inception
icon 2 icon
abigailll icon house
alice_1005: (TLOU » I need my girl)

alice_1005: (INCEPTION » did you cut your hands on me)

alternates: castle, queer as folk, marvel, mass effect
maybe 2 icon

Tags: comic: hawkeye, game: dragon age, game: dragon age 2, game: dragon age inquisition, game: mass effect, game: the last of us, game: uncharted, icons, movie: avengers, movie: inception, movie: star trek, show: breaking bad, show: hannibal, show: house m.d, show: house m.d., show: queer as folk

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