Alice (alice_1005) wrote,


UNRAVEL, a steve/tony mix by earwen_neruda and alice_1005

01. lost it to trying - son lux

what will we do now?
we lost it to trying

what can we say now?
our mouths only lying

give in and get out / we rise in the dying
02. foot shooter - frightened rabbit

well the booze in my blood runs fast and loud
and my brain shouts down to my mouth to say whatever I think
I say it at him

and in the stark and the sobering dry sunlight
I will blink my eyes and hope that the blink can erase
all of the shit I said and did

we can drown in pools
of the thick dark words we threw

03. loner phase - cold war kids

they're calling you a genius
is that why you're acting so competetive?
and even if they mean it / don't let the feeling go to your head

better clean up the mess from last time we met

if you think you can, reach out your hand
I went through hell just to watch you in outer-space

I'm so careful / I got out of the way

04. metal & dust - london grammar

and all foundation that we made
built to last / they disintegrate

and when your house begins to rust
oh, it's just, metal and dust

we argue, we don't fight
05. mourning doves - mikky ekko

look at how far we've come
look at this mess we've made

tell me that we're too far gone
tell me that we'll be okay

I can be your shoulder / there's still room for us to pull over
but we can't stop
06. thread (the one AM radio remix) - now, now

find a thread to pull / and we can watch it unravel

if I could go back to the start / and break the pattern forming between us

07. milk teeth - keaton henson

just picture me leaving and not coming back
I'm sat where we sat / just picking the labels and lighting a match

one day you'll drink from my bones
and scream as you rip off my throat

just don't let me, don't let me go
08. leave a trace - CHVRCHES

there are tiny cracks of light underneath me,
and you say I got it wrong
but I tried hard to uncover them

I have somehow got / away with everything
everything you did was strictly by design but you got it wrong

take care to tell on me for the cause

I will wipe the salt off of my skin,
and admit that I got it wrong
and there is grey between the lines

09. ready, able - grizzly bear

I'm gonna take a stab at this,
sure you will be alright

tissue and bones; it was a trick
this is a knock on five

hope I'm ready, able to make my own

I want you to know / what I did I did
10. civillian - wye oak

I don't need another friend  / when most of them I can barely keep up with
I'm perfectly able to hold my own hand / but I still can't kiss my own neck

I wanted to give you everything,
but I still stand in awe of superficial things

I wanted to love you like my mother's, mother's, mothers did

11. feels like we only go backwards - tame impala

I got my hopes up again, oh no, not again
feels like we only go backwards darling

but that's the way it seems to go
when trying so hard to get to something real
12. easy now - sir sly

everything else disappeared
how the hell are you here?

what if I could clean your slate
play the saviour / take the blame?

we both got a lot of pain
13. all wash out - edward sharp and the magnetic zeros

beyond the drunken focus of my aim
all my heroes twisting in the flame
let's let it all wash out in the rain

too much my defenses / are dangling from the chain

one more for forgiveness
Tags: fanmix, movie: captain america: civil war, ship: steve/tony
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