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you tried to save me.

3 December 1994
title or description

My name is Alice. I REALLY SUCK AT USING THIS WEBSITE SORRY THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE. I haven't updated my journal since I was like, sixteen, fandom-wise I'm on tumblr and twitter now.

If I could only care about one thing in the world it'd be a big toss-up between CJ Cregg and Brian Kinney,
but CJ would probably win.

I like television (as you may've guessed) but also people, provided they aren't awful and don't try and steal champagne from my painful grip.
30 rock, abba, abbey bartlet, administrative need, alfred hitchcock, allison janney, amber volakis, american politics, anne dudek, artemis fowl, artemis/holly, audrey hepburn, barack obama, beach boys, brian/justin, cary grant, charlie/zoey, cj cregg, cj/danny, cj/toby, clark/lois, classic movies, cormac mccarthy, cute little tennis outfits, date crashing, democratic party, donna moss, dramione, elevator love, english, eric foreman, french, graphics, hallucinatory sex, harry potter, harry/hermione, hermione/draco, hermione/ginny, het, hilson, house, house m.d, house/amber, house/cuddy, house/cuddy/wilson, house/stacy, house/thirteen, house/wilson, house/wilson/amber, house/wilson/cuddy, huddy, icons, james stewart, james wilson, jane lynch, jason/marie, jean arthur, jed bartlet, jed/abbey, jesse spencer, jim and bones :(((, josh lyman, josh/amy, josh/donna, josh/joey, josh/sam, leo mcgarry, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, liz lemon, mary-louise parker, may 17 2010 ♥, movies, multi-shipping, music, ncfom, negating everything, new super mario bros, no doubt, ocean's trilogy, october 28 ♥, october/october, old movies, ot3, otp, puckleberry, queen, queer as folk, reading, remus/sirius, remy hadley, sam seaborn, sam/ainsley, sam/mallory, school, sherlock/john, shipping maroel, slash, smallville, snarky banter, spongebob, stripping while diagnosing, subtext, the adorable joy sweater, the beatles, the coen brothers, the daily show, the dark knight, the hard wood, the make-a-wish foundation, the west wing, toby ziegler, toby/andy, toby/cj, twilight, water bras, whole foods produce department, will/emma, wilson/amber, wilson/ctb, wilson/cuddy, wilson/duck, writing, wuddy